Program Walk for School

The program

Thanks to your purchases PANAFRICA supports projects for access to education and job training in Africa. For each pair of sneakers you buy, PANAFRICA donates 10% of its profit to various associations. We pay particular attention to our partnerships. We choose our partners using the following criteria :

  • 01


    Our partners fully understand the local situation and are thus able to answer the population’s needs in material and equipment. They also help to choose the schools, organise the training centres and monitor pupils’ progress.

  • 02


    Apart from the project with PANAFRICA our partners are involved in global actions for children and young adults : schooling, job training, health care, etc.

  • 03


    Our aim is to act over the long term through durable partnerships in order to help communities throughout the year and for as long as necessary.

So far,
20 000€
have been paid
to our partners #WalkForSchool

Training young women in Burkina Faso to weave

PANAFRICA has been in partnership with Afrika Tiss since the beginning of 2017. This association created in 2013 has developed a Centre for Textile Excellence for women in Ouagadougou. The aim of the centre is to teach women all about weaving and to ensure them financial independence.

The women who have completed these courses are then directly employed by the centre on a piece work basis at a fair rate. These women also enjoy commercial and entrepreneurial training.

Here is a concrete example: This is the investment to train 20 women in weaving and dyeing (excluding the cost of equipment) :

for 20 women or 365€ per woman.

The objective of this partnership is to increase the number of courses for a larger number of women. 
PANAFRICA also guarantees the fair price purchase of part of their production.

Kits of school stationery in and around Ifangni in Benin

PANAFRICA signed a partnership with Hope for Africa in December 2015.  This association has worked to help underprivileged children in Benin since 2008. Hope for Africa provides schooling, job training and social-medical centres.

Although state schools are free in Benin, some parents can’t afford school material for their children, who are hampered in their work. PANAFRICA provides a complete school kit including exercise-book, pen, pencil, eraser, pencil-sharpener, ruler, slate and chalk.

This partnership allow us to donate kits of school stationery in 8 schools of the Ifangni area.

More than 

pupils of school
stationery delivered.

  • 1• The material is bought locally and is prepared by volunteers.
  • 2• The list of pupils is drawn up with the teachers from schools chosen by Hope for Africa.
  • 3• An assessment report is made with details of the cost, thus allowing a precise control.
  • 4• Hope for Africa follows the students’ progress throughout the school year.

Supporting education in Cameroon

PANAFRICA signed a partnership with the Serge Betsen Academy in Cameroon in February 2016. The Serge Betsen Academy makes it possible for children in Cameroon to go back to school by building school centres (5 so far), paying school fees, providing quality education, teaching rugby and the values it conveys.

This association is also setting up projects to improve the living conditions in the villages where the centres are to be found. PANAFRICA has contributed to equipping these centres in  stationery, books, uniforms. This partnership enables each pupil to study in better conditions and reduces the cost for the families :

Each year,

students are equipped thanks to PANAFRICA.