Top sellers

  • Panafrica-Bamako-sneaker-with-wax-fabric-red-leather-for-men-and-woman

    The iconic BAMAKO model reflects the African warm culture through a...

  • Panafrica-tombouctou-vegan-sneaker-with-blue-wax-fabric-for-men-and-woman

    Tombouctou is the best-seller of the vegan collection of PANAFRICA. The...

  • Panafrica-Casablanca-sneaker-with-wax-fabric-and-yellow-suede-for-men-and-woman

    A  subtle  blend  of  colours,  the  CASABLANCA  model evokes  the...

  • Panafrica-Pretoria-sneaker-with-wax-fabric-tangerine-leather-for-men-and-woman

    Looking to escape? The PRETORIA model invites you to an African trip...

  • panafrica_nouadhibou_sneaker_sustainable_vegan_wax_red_homme_femme_1

    The Nouadhibou model enriches colour range of Panafrica's new Vegan...

  • Panafrica-Lomé-vegan-sneaker-with-orange-canvas-wax-fabric-for-men-and-woman

    The Lome model enriches the colour range of PANAFRICA's new Vegan...

  • panafrica_totebag_fabric_white_cotton
    Tote bag

    At work or to the beach, this tote bag, 100% cotton, will go everywhere...

  • Laces-Panafrica-Cotton-yellow
    Laces yellow

    These shoelaces in cotton will bring a personal touch to your PANAFRICA...

  • Zanzibar

    Looking to escape? The Zanzibar model invites you to escape to heavenly...

  • panafrica_Douala_basket_responsable_vegan_wax_red_black_homme_femme_2

    The model DOUALA will seduce you with its timeless lines and its red...



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